Chimney Repairs 

Have you noticed cracks or crumbling on your chimney? Reidhill Roofing can help with all kinds of chimney repairs in Bexley and surrounding areas. 
Chimney stacks are subjected to the elements, and over time the exposure to wind and rain can cause problems. From damaged bricks to mortar joints, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a chimney and failing to repair faults when they first appear can cause structural issues and leaks. In order to keep your property safe and prevent serious safety risks, chimney repairs should be carried out promptly and professionally. 
The key to ensuring chimney repairs are kept to a minimum is to catch problems early and ensure maintenance is kept on top of. Our expert team can visit your property and identify any existing problems then suggest the most appropriate solution. 
Chimney Repair Services 
We provide various chimney repair services in Bexley and the surrounding areas. We can help with: 
Chimney Brickwork Mortar: When gaps and cracks appear in the mortar of your chimney stack, it can lead to major damage. Water can get into these spaces and expand on freezing, causing even further issues. We can repoint damaged mortar before it leads to a full chimney rebuild. 
Lead Flashings: Lead flashings on chimneys are often pointed using mortar, particularly in older properties. This can lead to gaps caused by the brittleness, causing many problems. We can correct this using lead sealant, which provides good adhesion to both brickwork and lead while providing a degree of movement. 
Cracked Chimneys: It is common for chimney flaunching to become cracked because it is created from a cement and sand mix. When caught early, we can repair these cracks quickly and inexpensively, without the need to renew the flaunching. 
Partial Chimney Rebuild: The top courses of chimney brickwork are prone to damage as they are more exposed to the elements. If there are no structural issues further down the stack, we can usually offer a partial chimney rebuild and replace only the damaged sections. 
Complete Chimney Rebuild: In some properties, the only option is to completely rebuild and replace the chimney stack. Our fully insured team can offer a complete chimney rebuild to resolve leaning stacks or extensive deterioration. 
Chimney Removal: If your chimney is severely damaged, or you are keen to avoid the need for future maintenance, we can offer complete chimney removal services in Bexley. Our team will completely dismantle the chimney to below roof level and replace it with underlay, battens, and tiling to match the existing roof. 

About Us   

Why Choose Reidhill Roofing? 
At Reidhill Roofing, we are specialists in all kinds of chimney repairs and maintenance in Bexleyheath and surrounding locations. When you choose us, you can relax knowing your property is in safe hands. These are just a few of the reasons our customers rely on us for their chimney repairs: 
Fully insured team of specialists 
Many years of experience 
Specialist tools and equipment 
Repairs before replacement whenever possible 
Free quotations with no obligations 
No hidden costs or extras 
Small independent trader with a handpicked team 
We Repair Before We Replace Whenever Possible 
Bexley, Kent and London Areas Served 
Small Independant Trader Handpicked Team 
Fast, Free & Accurate Quotations No Hidden Extras 
'Reidhill Roofing did a fantastic job quickly arranging scaffolding and fixing my roof within a week.' - Mr Thompson Bexley 
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